6 episodes x 50 minutes. Produced for KAN

Release Date: May 2020

A comprehensive epic series that tells the controversial story of Israel’s longest war in history – the Lebanese War.  The series uncovers the roots of the conflict and the brutal, complicated war in Lebanon, starting from the early days of the war and through the present, during which time Lebanon became the focus of regional conflict and power.


Single one hour documentary

Release Date: October 2018

Produced with: KAN (Channel 1), Cinema Project - Tel Aviv Art Foundation

The story of the chief Rabbi of the Jewish community of Copenhagen, who would come to be known as Rabbi Doolittle. Arriving in Tel Aviv in 1936, Max Shorenstein left his honorable position, in order to fulfill a longtime dream: to build a zoo and teach the children of Palestine-Eretz Israel, the love of animals. His dream had come true and against all odds the Tel Aviv Zoo became the city's greatest attraction. Yet, envy, grid and corruption by city officials, banished him from the very paradise he had built.


The film will be released along with an AR project that will be set in the location of the old Tel Aviv Zoo.



Single one hour documentary

Release Date: May 2019

Produced with:  Cinema Project - Tel Aviv Foundation

Just before he dies, thousands of rare original photographs that never been published, dated from before World War 1 until the 1990's, are handed to director by Andreas Meyer. 3 generations of German Jewish family are documented

The photographs tell the story of 5 generations of a German Jewish family through their escape as refugees to the land of Israel and the founding of the Northern town of Nahariya – the crown jewel in Israel's early days industry. Yet, through the years, as population has changed, the Meyers, like many other German Jewish families, abandoned their hometown for a second exile.


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