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Rafael Eitan - Former Head of the Mossad
"A compelling documentary that unmasks the human faces behind Israel’s legendary intelligence agency"
-The Times of Israel


Documentary   |   Israel   |   2018   | 90 minute 

Hebrew  |   Subtitles: Hebrew, English


The myth of the Israeli Mossad began out of necessity. A few short years after the Holocaust, struggling to project strength in a hostile region, a handful of World War II refugees set out to create an organization that not only to protect the Jewish State but the Jewish people at large. Almost seven decades later, the Mossad, a powerful organization of a strong regional power, has largely succeeded in its mission. But while the Mossad's paradigm shifted in time from that of a vicious action to survive in the jungle, to one of secret diplomacy, Israel's leaders today continue to harbor siege mentality emphasize existential threats.

How did the Mossad go from a small and near-irrelevant government agency to one of the most mythical intelligence agencies of our time? Has the Mossad's myth outlived its purpose? What purpose does it serve today in the wake of the gradual collapse of the Arab world?


Director: Duki Dror  Script: Yossi Melman, Chen Shelach, Duki Dror   Cinematography: Ron Katzenelson   Editor: Dror Yaakobovitz   Original music: Tom Darom, Assa Raviv   Sound Disgn: Ronen Nagel   Producers: Liat Kamai Eshed, Reinhardt Beetz, Duki Dror


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